When we move from a manual skateboard to an electric skateboard and we are looking for the best budget electric skateboard on the market. It is difficult to choose a good cheap electric skateboard and the best electric skateboard under 300 Dollar.

Best Electric Skateboard Under 300 Dollar

“When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a motor on my skateboard Such a cool innovation was only seen in movies. The quality of motors, batteries, and technology was very old at that time.

Now the world has changed. Electric skateboard has modern motors and more backup batteries with the latest technology remote control feature.”

Not only that, but with the help of a catwalk electric skateboard, we can also play music with the built-in Bluetooth audio player with remote control features.

Today I will guide you with some best ideal electric skateboard for under $300.

There is a Confusing thing is that which 300 dollars electric skateboard is good to buy? So I will suggest please buy a new cheap electric longboard instead of the used electric longboard that many online selling platforms do.

So you want to buy an electric skateboard? There are thousands of them on the market, but not all of them are created equally. You’re going to have to learn to evaluate them for strengths, weaknesses, and how they compare to one another. It is important that you know what you are looking for before you actually decide to buy one.

List Good Electric Skateboard below 300$

Below are Some good electric skateboard for less than 300 dollars:

 Top Picks For You… 







Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard


Alouette Phoenix Ryders 32'' Electric Skateboard 


WeSkate Electric 35'' Skateboard

Britzart Huracane 38”(blitz art) brand always manufactures the good automatic skateboards for their User satisfaction and comfortability with high-quality materials cheapest electric skateboard. This is the unique electric skateboard with remote under 300 top rated electric skateboard due to top speed and range.

Blitzart 38 Hurricane Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard

If you’re entering the world of Eskate, The fastest electric skateboard under 300$ is the Blizart Hurricane electric skateboard a great choice.

This adult electric skateboard providing a great feature for long-distance about the range of 6-10 miles at a go and max speed up to 19 MPH.

The Blitzart Huracane 38 Best all terrain electric skateboard under $300 Very similar to the X-Plore in terms of performance and less price skateboard electric range under $300.

It comes with the best value electric skateboard has an advance model electric board for users satisfaction.

The electric skateboard wireless remote control can Easy to hold that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability.

Key Features

  • Fully Assembled
  • Blitzart Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard comes with the following properties:
  • Fully assembled
  • Set of shock absorbers and such feature, Found in few boards
  • More Powerful electric skateboard kit
  • Wheels size is 90mm replaceable


The blitzart longboard has Single 350W Brushless Hub Motor powers it with regenerative braking charging the battery. The great thing is that hub motors give the board when the battery runs out, you can use your electric skateboard as a regular skateboard.

Blitzart 38 Hurricane Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard 2


In blitzart skateboards model equipped with a high-range secured 36V, 4.0Ah and 144Wh Lithium-Ion battery pack which can be fully charged within 3 hours. A single charge can travel a distance of 6-8 miles. 


The Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard weight is 13 lbs and Supports up a max weight of 250 lbs, the recommended weight is 170 lbs.

Remote Control

Remote has a lot of features of different functions( with forwarding, brake, and shift) buttons and LED light indicator.

  • The 7-ply maple wood deck  is able to support a high weight that’s why it is more durable.

  • More Speedy
  • Sturdy deck and offers extra stability,
  • Wireless controllable device with Remote
  • fastest electric skateboards
  • Reduce battery Power when carrying a high weight.

Who Should Buy This?

The blazart skateboard design and wondering features for those who want ready to spend their money so they can perform different tricks and fun with it.

Why do We recommend This Skateboard?

This Blitzart electric skateboard review reflects that if you want expertise in the electric board you have to buy the budgeted best electric skateboard under 300 dollars. This is the skateboard you can become an expert in a few weeks with easy riding.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders is another great performance and most well-known of boards and the best 300 dollars electric skateboard. It has a unique shape and good design. The dual hub motors have more power and capacity to ride on hills place.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard LongboardAlouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard motor view


This $300 Budget Electric Longboard also has a wireless remote control with an LCD screen that displays speed, power consumption, mileage with cruise control function.

Key Features

  • Top Speed is 16 mph
  • Range up to 10 miles
  • Battery 25.2V Lithium,4400mah
  • Hub-Motors 500W – 83mm Brushless Hub Dual-motor each 250W power
  • Charging Time approximately 2 hours
  • Dimension of 32.3×4.7×10.6-inches
  • Weight is 10 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 230 lbs
  • Wheels Durometer  Hardness 80A with Polyurethane material
  • Design: 7 layers maple thin deck that flexible, but sturdy
  • Hills climbing angle Max 15 degree
  • Ergonomic shaped remote wireless remote control with the LCD display screen

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard wheels

  • Run fastly on inclined planes
  • Affordable board
  • Strong and flexible deck
  • Single Hub motor is not replaceable. (you will need to replace the entire dual hub motor)

Why I buy Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard?

The Curious riders for the 300  electric Longboard style should buy this board because of the unique shape and the best electric skateboard under 300 dollars with a double power motor and super quality materials for incline places.

if you are choosing it specifically for hills we recommend this with a budget of $300.

Obviously, If You are searching for the best affordable electric skateboards WeSkate Electric Skateboard Longboard is the best electric skateboard for beginners and intermediates.

WeSkate 35 inch Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

This electric skateboards for cheap price have amazing feature is that we can use it as a regular board without electricity when battery down so we can say that this is also a best electric skateboard under 300 dollar.

WeSkate 35 inch Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller girl riding

Key Features

  • 8 layers of maple wood make the board stability and flexible
  • Powerful Single Motor 350W has a top speed of up to 12 mph
  • Battery Power 4000 mAh built-in lithium
  • You can travel for up to 10 miles when fully charged battery
  • The charging time is 3 hours
  • Weight Capacity up to 220 lbs of weight
  • The wireless remote control lets you select 3-speed Modes with  led indicators

WeSkate 35 inch Electric Skateboard Remote Controller

  • The 7-ply maple wood deck  is able to support a high weight that’s why it is more durable.
  • More Speedy
  • Sturdy deck and offers extra stability,
  • Wireless controllable device with Remote
  • Top Speed and Range
  • Reduce battery Power when carrying a high weight.

Why should Buy WeSkate Electric 35”Longboard?

The Toddlers and beginners are very curious to know about electric skateboards with remote. anyhow, it is suggested to buy if you beginners.

Also Looking for


Previous You have read the best electric skateboard below 300$ and the Best skateboard for 8 year old  Now When selecting a good electric longboard there should also in mind that little bit more amount to spend how much do electric skateboards cost.

Best electric longboard under 500$ will also be one of the most popular The cheapest electric skateboards.

The good cheap electric skateboard amazon prices below you can choose.

Following three electric skateboards under $500, for example:

  • 1.Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard
  • 2. Maxfind Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control Review
  • 3. Atom Electric B10 29.5” Skateboard







Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard


Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review


Atom Electric B10 29.5'' Skateboard

Final Verdict

As You have read above the best cheap motorized skateboards. Most Bloggers are providing top ten electric skateboard reviews Skateboard and Longboard for 300$.

It is more difficult to differentiate which will make buyers more confused while choosing a product. The Blitzart Huracane 38”Electric Skateboard is a cheap fast electric skateboard Best Electric Skateboard Under 300 Dollar an affordable budget longboard.