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Are you looking to buy the Best Skateboard for Dog Pulling? you are in the right place. Since there are a lot of people who are interested in skateboarding, it is also true that there are people who want to use a skateboard to pull their dogs. Our skateboard Review Experts make the list of the good Bulldog skateboard.


Most skater enthusiasts take their pet dog with them when they gain experience skateboarding with dogs. Dog pulling skateboard harness Makes them healthy Which is great for both their health.

Many Passionist think before pulling the leaches and skatejoring and looking for how to train your dog to pull you on a skateboard.


Some guys like roller skates for walking dogs but most skaters follow the Best skateboard for English Bulldog and french bulldog longboard reviews in the following good dog pulling longboards. 


 List of 10 Dog Pulling Skateboards in 2022

The Dog Pulling Board is a great option for those looking for a durable skateboard that can handle the rigors of dog pulling. It features a comfortable design that makes it easy for your dog to pull, and its durable construction will ensure that it lasts long.

Here You will find the list of some Best Skateboard for Dog Pulling.


Landyachtz Longboard Complete
Landyachtz Longboard Complete
  • Dimension: Length: 36.9'' Width: 8.6''
  • Functional nose
  • Wheelbase: 23.9''
  • Construction: Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Mount: Drop Through
  • Concave: Variable Concave
  • Medium Flex
  • Wheels: Hawgs Fatties 63mm 78a wheels
  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly 5.0 8.5'' reverse mounted trucks
  • Bearings: Bear Space Balls ABEC 7 Bearings
Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard
Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard
  • Move more, kick less — kick-to-cruise locks in your current speed up to 9. 3 mph
  • Powerfully responsive sensors — Intelligently placed sensors detect weight
  • Real feel skateboarding — the 72mm (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels
  • Made for epic rides — from its first ride to its 1000Th
  • The NG-3 will look and perform pristine.
  • Its 8/9-Inch wide deck is crafted from super-dense Polypropylene
  • World-class support
Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard
Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard
  • AGILE MINI LONGBOARD – The Loaded Poke is a compact and comfortable longboard
  • DESIGNED FOR FUN – Mild concave promotes quick edge-to-edge transitions
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE – Snowboard-inspired bamboo and fiberglass construction
  • CARVER TRUCKS – Carver CX.4 front and C2.4 rear truck combo is fitted
  • ORANGATANG WHEELS – Orangatang 70mm, 80a 4Presidents
  •  Loaded Jehu V2 bearings

1.Quest California Native Spirit Longboard

Quest Skateboards California Native Spirit Skateboard,Longboard

This dog pulling skateboard is awesome with a double drop feature for balancing and stability for joring dog great in quest skateboards.

This is the perfect board for starters provides Reverse kingpin for truck’s stability and handling on curves which make sturdiness, comfortable and smooth riding.

Made up of high-quality materials and responsive for turning because of good quality bearings and cheap for its excellent performance. This board has Soft & Grippy Wheels so recommended for doggy joring.


In Quest skateboards review, we will discuss the following California longboard features:

  • Dimension: Length: 41” Width: 9”
  • Open Wheel Design
  • Deck: 7-Ply Hardwood Maple
  • Color: Beige
  • Wheels: 71mm  78A
  • Trucks:7-Inch Aluminum
  • Weight:8 lbs/pound
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Stability
  • Durable
  • Easily Maneuverable
  • Smooth Riding and cruising
  • Budgeted and affordable
  • Trucks and Bearings are noisy


2.Landyachtz Drop carve Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Carve 40” Complete Longboard

It Uses Drop carve technology that is designed to perform carving and cruising in freestyle and will never let you down the ideal dog skateboard deck.

Concave design looking pretty and a great look with versatile freeride and Compact Freestyle Cruiser deck and good kick tail for doing tricks and slides. It uses fiberglass on the inner and outer layers.


  • Dimension: Length: 36.9” Width: 8.6”
  • Wheelbase: 23.9”
  • Construction: Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Functional nose
  • Mount: Drop Through
  • Concave: Variable Concave
  • Medium Flex
  • Wheels: Hawgs Fatties 63mm 78a wheels
  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly 5.0 8.5” reverse mounted trucks
  • Bearings: Bear Space Balls ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Grip Tape: Logo Graphic applied to top
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Bearings: ABEC 7, Space balls
  • Versatile
  • lightweight
  • Symmetrica
  • Stable control
  • Available in Multicolor
  • Unique variable concave
  • Good for freeride and freestyle
  • Not Suitable for downhill riding

3.Arbor Dropcruiser Photo

arbor-dropcruiser-complete longboard

If you are looking for the best longboards for dog pulling you are at the right place. Arbor Longboard is drop-down deck Start manufacturing boards since 1995.

Arbor provides a large area for freestyle street skating, cruisers, mini-cruisers, and down-hill places also known as double-drop

It has top-mounted and drops through mounted boards. Arbor boards are made with all wood material with a drop-through mount style and comfortable longboarding with dog.


This cruiser represents the perfect combination of future and Ancient times high craftsmanship and design with the wide range that Arbor manufactures.

Lower, Mild Concave Deck

Lower, Mild Concave DeckHighlights

  • Dimension: 38” X 9.75”
  • Dropcruiser deck shape
  • Canadian 9-ply Hardrock wooden Maple Deck
  • Paris 180mm Trucks 
  • Lower, Mild Concave Deck
  • Durometer Hardness:78A
  • Wheel Size:69 Millimeters
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 
  • Arbor Outlook Wheels 
  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds
  • Higher Center Ridge
  • The Sucrose Formula
  • Smooth control and comfortable Ride
  • Spacious platform
  • Deck Durability
  • Great curvature
  • Stunning artwork
  • Dark grip tape
  • No kicktails
  • Low grip

Types Of Arbor Boards

Arbor’s Cruisers

  • Arbor Axis PC 2017 Complete Walnut 
  • Arbor Fish Bamboo
  • Arbor Dropcruiser 

Arbor’s Mini Cruisers

  • Arbor Rally 
  • Arbor  Sizzler

 Arbor’s Downhill & Free Ride Boards

  • Arbor Prodigy Koa 
  • Arbor Highground 


4.Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard

Poke-Paris-Completes longboard-skateboard

The loaded longboard poke great for little guys is a lightweight city cruiser and mostly liked the Best Skateboard for Dog Pulling.

We can easily Carry this board in a backpack. The Young toddler can easily pull a dog in free-ride style with medium Concave Depth are good animals riding skateboards.

The large, loaded poke deck makes it comfortable to shove it. The loaded poke board has mild concave and wheel flares that provide a great grip for carving.


  • Dimension: 34” / 86 cm  x  9.125” / 23.18 cm
  • Wheelbase: 20.75” / 52.71 cm
  • Tail: 7.625” / 19.37 cm (tip to inner bolt) 
  • Weight: 6.2 Pounds 
  • Nose: 5.625” / 14.29 cm
  • Concave: 0.5” / 1.3 cm 
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A
  • Rocker: 0.1” (centered)
  • Construction: Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Grip Tape: Medium-grit
  • Flex: Responsive and Stiffness
  • Lightweight deck
  • Quick transitions while pumping
  • Extremely maneuverable
  • Good flex balance
  • Durable
  • Ideal for downhill riding
  • Difficulty when transitioning

5.Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Skateboard

Kryptonics Skateboards are the best boards you can buy!
Kryptonics is a name that’s synonymous with quality in the world of skateboarding. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve made an effort to perfect our craft and develop one of the best skateboards you can get.

Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Skateboard

The Kryptonics Skateboard is lightweight, durable, and ready to take on any terrain. It’s time to hit the streets.

This Kryptonics Stubby 19 inch skateboard is known also as one of the Best Skateboards For Dogs & Bulldogs that is made of a 7-ply maple wood deck that provides More Durability.

The Mini fat compact cruiser shape has an eye cache full of printed high-quality graphics. Comes with a single kicktail, and a new carry handle.ABEC-3 bearings Provide smooth-riding on any surface. The 4mm riser pads help in a faster speed.
Kryptonics Stubby can support a weight limit of up to 110 lb.


  • Dimension: 19-inch skateboard with 7-ply maple wood deck
  • Clear sand spray
  • new carry handle
  • single kicktail
  • Wheels: are 60mm x 45mm with poured polyurethane material
  • Bearing: Carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings
  • Truck: High-quality 5-inch aluminum trucks
  • Riser pad: 4mm riser pads
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Weight Limit: weight up to 110 lbs
  • Affordable Price Budget
  • More Durable
  • Beautifull Finishing
  • convenient carry handle
  • Excellent Stability
  • Ideal Size for Dogs
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Portable
  • Very difficult to remove the plastic cover on the wheel that does rotate smoothly after th removal

6.Eggboards Mini Longboard

The Eggboards company started manufacturing skateboards in California in 2015.
Eggboards Mini Longboard rides much smoother than its bigger counterpart. Perfect for cruising through the city, this mini longboard is easy to use, lightweight, and extremely fun to ride.

Eggboards Mini Longboard

With Eggboards, you can finally take the ultimate ride to work. With our mini longboard, you can skate all the way to work with smoothness and style. Surfing the sidewalks and streets through the debris of your city? That’s what it’s made for.
The Eggboards Mini Longboard is perfect for city-dwellers looking to get some exercise on their daily commute. It’s small enough to carry with you at all times but still big enough to make it a fun ride.


  • Deck Dimension: 19 X 9 inches
  • Wheels: 67mm wheels with 76A Soft Wheels
  • Trucks: Trucks has a 7-inch reverse kingpin
  • Bearing: ABEC 9 bearings
  • Deck Material: Made from 6 full plies of bamboo.
  • Weight: 6 Pound
  • More Stability
  • Affordable Price
  • Soft Wheels
  • Smooth Riding
  • Extremely sturdy to ride
  • More Durable
  • Perfect for the commuter
  • Easy to portable
  • Lightweight
  • Look like a longboard

  • Tricks Cannot be performed

7.Losenka pet skateboard

Have you ever dreamed of skating with your pet? It’s about time you live that dream! Get LOSENKA Pet Skateboard-a perfect gift idea for your pets and a good way to spend leisure time with them.

losenka pet skateboard

The Canadian maple deck and aluminum alloy trucks will offer you and your pet a smooth and comfortable feel, it’s an easy way to get around the city!

LOSENKA Pet Bulldog Skateboard deck: 26 x 8.27 IN deck made of high-quality Canadian 6-ply natural maple for maximum load weight 150Ibs.

The Trucks has a 5-inch aluminum alloy with Highly responsive and high plastic PU that provides better control, stability, and good maneuverability.

The Soft rebound Bushing is More Suitable for Dogs and Cats.
LOSENKA Pet Skateboard Complete Comes with T-Tools is an ideal gift for your Pets.


by |amazon|
  • Deck Dimension: 26 x 8.27 inches
    High-quality Aluminum and Maple
    60mm X 45mm 80A PU wheels with a matte finish
    ABEC-9 high-speed bearings
    • Easily maneuverable
    • Good Control & Traction
    • Lightweight
    • Easy Portable
    • 6-ply maple has No assembly required.
    • More Stability
    • Very durable
    • Cheap Product


8. Magneto mini cruiser skateboard

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard is a longboard designed for kids, girls, and boys. It is the perfect balance of fun and safety. The board has a Canadian Maple Deck, which is designed to be durable.

magneto mini cruiser skateboard

It also features double kick tails for an easier turning radius and high-quality trucks that are sturdier than most other boards on the market.
The Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to skate or just wants to cruise around town with their friends.

This magneto mini cruiser longboard is SUPER PORTABLE Designed easy to carry and easily packed into backpacks. Due to its small size skater can carry it everywhere.
Dual kick tails provide more fun and versatility you can perform ollies, flip tricks and tick-tacking, etc.


  • Dimensions: 27.5. x7.5 inches
  • Color: Bamboo
  • Wheels: wheels base is 18.5 inches and Durometer Hardness 78A
  • Trucks: 5-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 55 degrees
  • Weight Limit: 275 pounds
  • Material: Deck Made of High quality 6 full plies of Canadian Maple
  • Very Durable
  • More Stability
  • versatility
  • Suitable for All kinds of Dogs
  • Good gravity
  • Gets dirty pretty fast

9.Swagtron swagskate NG3 electric skateboard

The NG-3 electric skateboard swagtron is the perfect solution for someone looking for a lightweight, high-performance electric skateboard.

Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens
It features high-torque motors and precision-engineered components to ensure a smooth ride and years of fun.

The Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard is the most advanced and versatile electric skateboard. It has a polypropylene deck, and built-in sensors to help you navigate the streets.

This swagtron skateboard has a battery life of up to 10 kilometers on a single charge and remote control so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel or on the board itself.

The swagtron ng3 has a powerful Hub100W motor for a good riding range up to 10 km.

The polyurethane wheels 72mm are flexible enough to handle paved surfaces like a pro.


  • Powerfully responsive sensors
  • Deck Dimensions: 19.6 x 8.85 x 5.31 inches
  • Motor: Hub100W
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Max. Load limit: 150 lbs
  • Deck Material: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Wheels: 72 x 51 mm with polyurethane Material
  • Battery: 16.8V 2Ah (lithium-iron)
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Milage: 7-10 km
  • Max. Speed: 9.3 MPH
  • Climbing Capacity: 5 degree
  • LED Lights: LED Back indicators
  • Ultra-durability
  • LightWeight
  • Cheaper than Other swagskate electric skateboard
  • flat nice ground
  • Carve & Coast
  • Kick-to-cruise
  • World-class support
  • No manual speed control

10.Dinbin 22 inch skateboard

DINBIN is a high-quality penny board if you search best skateboard for small dogs is committed to providing the best quality skateboard for all levels of riders, including beginners and professionals.

DINBIN Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 Inch Skateboards

Dinbin mini skateboard offers a complete package (including tools, accessories, and instructions) that makes your first ride easy and comfortable. Choose DINBIN, choose confidence and flexibility!

The Wheels are with 60mm 78A Urethane Cored Super Smooth Wheel.
Dinbin skateboard Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 Inch Skateboards decks are made of 7 Layer Canadian maple wood.

85A super soft bushings, rebound wheels CE certification For all levels of riders pre-assembled.


  • Assembling: Fully Assembled Complete Board
  • Deck Dimension: 22×6 inches
  • Trucks: 3.125 inches with Aluminium material
  • Wheels: Urethane 60mm 78A Durometer Hardness with Cored Super Smooth Wheel
  • Weight: ‎1.57 Kilograms
  • Bearing: ABEC-7Stainless Steel Bearing.
  • Max load limit: 220 lbs
  • Affordable Price
  • Exclusive Design
  • Better Concave
  • pretty proficient
  • very steady!
  • Little bit flimsy
  • Cheaper in Quality

Frequent Asked Questions

What Dog Breeds Can Skateboard?

  • French Bulldogs.
  • English Bulldogs
  • Pit Bulls
  • Dachshunds
  • Welsh Corgis
  • Boston Terriers
  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Beagles
  • Australian Cattle Dogs
  • Some Other pedigrees

Can a dog really ride a skateboard?

Yes. Dogs are naturally straight-line runners. If you hold the skateboard in front of them, they will run after it. So, you can put the skateboard on the ground with a treat on the top. The moment the dog tries to eat the treat, he will balance himself on the skateboard automatically. In a few days, the dog will be able to run on the skateboard without any help. It is an easy way to teach your dog to ride a skateboard.

Is it bad for a dog to pull you on a skateboard?

As long as you’re both having fun, go ahead and ride! Skateboarding is a great exercise for both you and your dog. It provides physical activity for you, and for your dog, it provides a sense of freedom, where she is required to use her brain and body in order to keep up with you. The pulling won’t hurt your dog, and it will actually help strengthen the muscles in her chest, shoulders, and back.

Can a husky pull me on a skateboard?

Huskies are very intelligent and athletic, so it’s entirely possible a husky could pull you on a skateboard. But here’s a hint: Don’t make it a habit. Dogs can easily hurt their back, legs, or paws if they pull weight on their shoulders. So, it’s best to avoid pulling your husky on a skateboard if you want him to stay healthy.

How do you ride a dog with a skateboard?

you can make your own dog skateboard just following the steps below:

  • Get a skateboard.
  • Get a dog.
  • Get dog treats
  • Put dog treats on a skateboard.
    and let the dog climb up the skateboard eat the dog treat.
  • You can also tie a dog leash to the dog’s collar and then tie the leash to the board and the dog will pull you like a sled. (Remember to tie the board to your ankle so you stay on the board or the dog will drag you across the ground).

Can dogs learn to skate?

Yes, Dogs can learn to skate, however, it’s not as easy as you might think. It’s a bit of a hassle to get your dog acclimated to the ice and to the skates. It took us several weeks before we were even able to get our dog around the ice. Dogs can be taught to skate, but it takes a lot of time and patience.

A proper pair of dog skates will run you around $100. If you know you want to teach your dog to skate, they should wear them around the house as often as possible to get them used to the extra weight on their feet. Training should start at a very young age (3-4 months).

What Is the Best Longboard for Dog Pulling?

In most longboard tourneys, the one who could pull the most weight wins. This is because the person who could pull the most weight most successfully will have the most chance to win. Scoring is also dependent on speed since the winner would be the fastest one who also has the most weight to pull. Other than that, weight pulling is a fun activity and may help you get stronger.

How to Choose Good Skateboard For Dog Towing-Buying Guide

Deck size:

The deck size is a very important factor in skating. The dimension of the deck is determined by Length and Width, This involves a more vital role when you are buying a skateboard for the dog. This is why humans can perform various tricks likes ollie, kickflips, pumping, etc but an animal cannot perform these tricks. So you need to pay attention before buying this product.


Wheels are also an important part of the board. If you are a starter you have to determine the size and hardness of the wheels. The levels of hardness and softness depend upon the product manufacturer company. The People ride on the board in hard places like downhills and terrains. It will use different levels of wheel sizes.
However, When you choose it for dog pulling you have to buy soft wheels board for smooth riding.


Trucks are also quite a necessary part of longboard or skateboard. There are many trucks in the market according to their height, durability, stability, and performance. When You are choosing a skateboard towing for pet dog pull then you have to make sure the short trucks because higher trucks have a high center of gravity.

Grip Tape:

Grip tapes provide friction to the rider it is usually sandpaper layer rough place in nature. It helps the rider easily tell between the nose and the tail of the board.


For a very comfortable riding, you will need a good design of the board. The design comes in the graphics and the shape of the board. You Pet will fall in love and user friendly with the great graphic design board as well as a good size that will help the easy balancing and control the balance of the rider when skateboarding with your dog.

Final Words

Beginner Dog skateboarding is both fun and dangerous۔If you want to go skijoring with a dog, choose a street where there is less rush specifically when husky pulling skateboard.

Skatejoring is a great enjoyment activity also depend upon a dog harness for pulling skateboard but it can be dangerous for both rider and dog. Pulling and more traveling with your pet cause skateboarding bulldog dies. All of the boards are unique in their own qualities but Landyachtz Drop carve Longboard is the Top Pick and the among all the best skateboards for dog pulling.