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Yes, You can use the skateboard bearings on roller skates if the axles are a standard size that is 8mm. You’re probably utilizing 8mm axles unless you have high-end creative skating plates. If the axles on your roller skates are 8mm.

I have roller skates and a skateboard. I want to use the bearings on my roller skates, but I’m wondering if they will fit. Can you tell me what size bearing you would recommend? Following you will learn the basic roller skate bearings guide.

It is possible to use skateboard bearings on roller skates. The most common size used for roller skates is the ABEC 5, 6 & Abec 7 bearings roller skates.

You can find these bearings at a local store or online if you have trouble finding them locally. Skateboard bearings will fit perfectly and work just like they do on your skateboard.

How Can You Use Skateboard Bearings on Roller Skates?

Skateboard bearings are designed to be used on various types of roller skates, but they can also be used for roller skating. Roller skates have bearings that allow the wheels to spin freely, which is why skateboard bearings can be used on them.

Skateboard bearings are designed to work with a specific type of wheel and bearing setup. This means that you cannot use it on any pair of roller skates. You also need to make sure your wheels are not too tight or too loose as this will cause the bearing to wear out quickly and make it difficult for you to turn corners.

Skateboard Bearings for Roller Skating – Benefits and Drawbacks

This is the most important part of a skateboard. They are critical to a smooth and fast ride. They are also the most expensive part of the skateboard.


The benefit of using skateboard bearings replace to roller skating is that they make your ride more enjoyable and faster. The drawback of using them is that they are expensive and there is some maintenance required to keep them running smoothly.


When it Comes to replacing skateboard bearings on roller skates, Skateboard bearings are a key component in roller skates. Without the skateboard bearing, the skater would not be able to turn or stop. However, there is one drawback to using these skateboard bearings in roller skates – they can cause friction with the surface of the road and result in injuries.

The drawbacks of using skateboard bearing as a component in roller skates are that they can cause friction with the surface of the road and result in injuries.

The main drawback of using skateboard bearing in roller skates is that the bearings are not designed to operate in the harsher environment of roller skating.

Roller skating creates more friction and wears on bearings than skateboarding, which can lead to shorter bearing life.

What is the Best Type of Bearing for Roller Skating?

There are two most common types of roller skate bearings are 608 bearing and 627 bearing. The 608 bearings are 8mm axles trucks fit the size and the 627 bearings are the standard roller skate bearings size with the 7mm bearings skate axles truck.

We will explore the different types of bearings that can be used in roller skates. It is important to know the difference between them in order to make an informed decision.

The type of bearing that you need for your roller skates depends on the type of skating you plan to do.

For example, if you are a competitive speed skater, you would want a ball bearing as they can withstand high speeds and heavy loads.

However, if you are just a recreational skate-around-the-block type of person, then a cheaper and less durable nylon bearing would be fine.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Skateboard Bearings on Roller Skates

Skateboard Bearings are a popular way of adding a new level of performance to your roller skates. They can be used in all types of roller skating, from inline to the quad.

Skateboard Bearings are available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. They come in three main types: ball bearings, ceramic bearings, and metal shielded bearings.

Ball Bearings: These are the most common type of skateboard bearing that you’ll find on the market today. They’re inexpensive and last for a long time if they’re properly maintained.

Ceramic Bearings: Ceramic roller skate bearings are more expensive than ball bearings but they offer better performance and last longer than ball bearings as well.

Metal Shielded Bearings: Metal shielded skateboard bearings are the most common type of bearings and it is recommended that they should be used for any serious skateboarding.

What Are Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard bearings are often used in skateboarding and roller skating. The bearing is a special part of the wheel which allows it to roll smoothly on the ground, rather than sliding along.

They usually have either an inner or outer ring with a small ball in between them both.

A skateboard bearing is made up of two metal rings that fit snugly together and a ball-shaped piece of metal or plastic that sits in between them (called a cup).
Unlike most other bearings, which are not sealed. This means that they can get dirty very easily and will need regular cleaning if you want your wheels to run smoothly for longer.

When properly cleaned, skates can last for many years without any problems at all!

How Do I Clean My Skateboard Bearings?

There is a common question about why I need to Clean My Skateboard Bearings? There are several reasons why we need to clean our skateboard bearings.

If they are not cleaned regularly, the dirt and grit that accumulates in them will cause them to wear out faster and perform less efficiently.

In addition, if they are not cleaned properly, they can become corroded and seize up.

Cleaning your bearing is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Remove Your Wheel
  • Step 2 – Wipe off any dirt using a clean cloth
  • Step 3 – Wash out the inside with warm

How to Install Skateboard Bearings on Roller Skates

Skateboard bearings are the most commonly used bearing. They have been used in skateboarding and roller skating for a long time.

Roller skates usually come with these bearings installed, but if you want to replace them or add more, here is how to do it:

First of all,

  • Step 1: clean up any excess dirt from the old ones before removing them.
  • Step 2: Then remove the wheels from your roller skates so that you can install new ones after replacing the bearings.
  • Step 3: Install one set at a time as shown below:


bearing remove pic


bearing remove pic


bearing remove pic


bearing remove pic


bearing remove pic

Safety Tips for Roller Skaters

  • Don’t skate on public property.
  • Don’t turn sharp corners or jump over curbs and other obstacles.
  • Try to avoid skating in the street, even if it is not busy.
  • Do not wear headphones while skating because they could be a distraction that can cause you to lose control of your skates.
  • If you have good balance, do not pull tricks off curbs or jumps with your back foot first; it is hard to recover from this mistake and will likely result in injury for yourself or others around you.

Bottom Lines…

In general, skateboard bearings are designed to provide a high level of performance and durability when used in skateboarding, which may not be necessary or desired when using them in roller skating. As such, it is likely that they would not work as well when used on roller skates and could potentially cause damage.

There is a common question about how to replace skateboard bearings on roller skates? anyhow, You can use the bearing of the skateboard in roller skating in the different models according to truck axles size fitting.