Are you tired of searching for a skateboard learning Guide and you do not know How to skateboard for beginners? What size should my skateboard be? Now you have reached the right place.

Obviously, you are thinking how long does it take to learn to skateboard? surface go starters guide.

You are thinking about Easy skateboard tricks to learn in one day. Here you will be trained from basic to advanced level skills and if you really want to master this sport and what you should and should not do.

How to skateboard for beginners

Surely you will be excited about that after watching the latest street league competition. If you have brought a new skateboard and you have not been able to run it. However, this article will teach you to step by step skateboarding moves.

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Every sport in the world has its own individual role. Today I am going to tell you about an exciting sport that you will not only play but also enjoy.

                                              Is it easy to learn to ride a skateboard?

“If you are a beginner, let me tell you that skateboarding is not as easy as you thinking”.

This can take two to three weeks learning to skateboard for adults and starters. Therefore, It takes some time and practice to get to the rest of the professional level.

In this skateboard training, you will learn Skateboard tutorial for beginners a lot from the beginning to the advance. Let’s start it:

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Skateboarding lessons for beginners

People are searching for skateboard lessons near me. In this tutorial, I will tell you lesson plan How to skateboard for beginners So, you can first learn and later go to the skating field. If you have a longboard, the same rules applied. Now you will learn step by step:

How to ride a skateboard for the first time?

First! place your right foot  as shown in the picture:

After that slowly push the other foot, you have to do it about 20 to 30 times.

So this is the practice you have to do in the beginning consequently because without it you will not be able learning to skateboard. ( watch how to skateboard beginner 01:45   to  01:55 minutes: seconds )

When you feel that your left foot is starting to balance, you should try to get your left foot behind your right foot.

left foot behind your right foot-skateboarding

You learn to skateboard balance and push. Pushing more than once will cover more distance.

It is very simple to run a skateboard so, it is just that in the beginning there is much fear of getting injured while running.

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5 Best skateboarding tips and tricks

So let’s start basic learning how to skateboard step by step

1. How to stand on a skateboard:

If you want to balance on a deck, you must first stand on it.

how to Stand-on-a-skateboard

You have to balance on top of it because most of the skateboards start falling to the right or left which you balance so try not to move it.

And the second step is to first keep the right foot, then the left foot up, then the left foot down, and you have to do this practice for half an hour, as you can see above in the video below. That way your balancing will be better.

Firstly, you must be able to stand on it because many people cannot stand on it, in the beginning, so you must first be able to stand on your own to balance yourself and pay more attention to balancing.

2. How to roll on a skateboard with one foot:

Firstly stand on a skateboard is to see which feet you can comfortable, left or right.

In the video below you can see that the right foot is placed first.

Remember to keep your feet slightly bent and your knees bend too.

Secondly, Now slowly you have to increase the speed. Try this process for about two days and you will be able to learn to walk a little bit.

Rock roll on a skateboard

(see  02:29  and  03:03   to  03:12  minutes:seconds)

3. How to roll on a skateboard with two foots:

How can you roll your hind feet while rolling a skateboard?

Place your right foot on top of the deck and push the board forward with the other foot behind.

Dude, don’t push too hard once, because pushing too often increases the chances of falling.

How to roll on a skateboard with two foots

I have a skateboard which is actually a longboard on which it is easy to do skating. The longboard is the best in Asian countries in terms of road structure compared to 1st world countries.

“What is Longboard”

It is a type of skateboard that is large in size and can be easily skating. It is faster than the normal board because its wheels size is big. It has a wide variety of shapes.

Here are some More skating tips for beginners: When you try, you will learn how to stand and how to roll on a first time skateboarding. 

4. How to turn a skateboard:

If you want how to make a skateboard turn easier you have to start by pushing the deck following the above all instructions.

When the skateboard is rolling, if you have to take a right turn, you have to bend to the right, that is, to bend slightly to the right, and similarly, if you have to turn left, you have to bend to the left.

How to turn a skateboard

5. Regular footed skateboarding: 

How can you skate continuously without using too much power?

To do this is to do three or more consecutive blows with your left foot and then put it back.

When you put your left foot up, you will slip a little and keep moving during this move.

When your skateboard is slow, keep your right foot straight on top of the board and your left foot straight on the ground below the board and push more than 3 times. And then put it on the back of the board.

And in this way, you will be able to distance more and more.



When you are learning to skateboard, the first step is deciding which foot to put in front and which to put behind.

It is important to consider that if you want to skate in a difficult place such as a snowy place, a wooden place, or a place where jumps are high, you should be able to skate quickly with both feet.

Goofy Vs Regular Stance:

There are two skateboarding stances goofy stance and regular stance. You will find in detail below a video example.

Regular Skating:

Regular foots mean you feel more comfortable in front of your left foot on the board.

Goofy Skating:

The term Goofy is a funny animal cartoon character that was created in 1932. There is a stance that also known as goofy skate. Goofy foots mean you feel more comfortable in front of your right foot on the board.


How to shuvit goofy?

4 Best skateboard tips for beginners

It is difficult to apply the tricks in the initial stage, but we will tell you some easy skateboard tricks For beginnings here. You have read above all the heading How to skateboard for beginners?

1. How to jump onto a skateboard

The first step is to jump on a standing skateboard.

Now you have to push the skateboard with your right foot. When you start to move, you have to jump and climb with both feet.

This is how climbing will make you look professional.


2. How to stop on a skateboard

If you are at high speed, follow the below picture. Your board will keep up with the friction.


3. How to slow down on a skateboard

The easiest way to stop or slow down a skateboard is to put weight on the tail of the front side and lift the foot from the front end. The board will stop easily due to the friction of the deck.

4. How to ride skateboarding continuously

Did you know that you can skateboard without having to spend a lot of power?


To do this is to do three or more consecutive push with your left foot and then put it behind you.

When you put your left foot up, you slip a little and keep moving.

When your skateboard is slow, your right foot will be on top of the board.

And keep the left foot straight down and push it more than three times and then put it back on the board.

in short this way, the skateboard will be able to distance more, just as if it has to bend, it will be able to carry more weight in the direction in which it is to be turned.

Best Places for skateboarding 

Almost everyone wants to be able to play in the best environment. So, you can explore on the internet and follow the link to find places to skateboard near me. 


Where to learn how to skate:

Tricks for beginners are also the essentials part of the game. Skateboarding can be anywhere you want, such as “You go to a store, go to a friend but the right place, if there is space on the sidewalk, the sidewalk is empty street, skate there on weekends or evenings, in a quiet parking lot. Or maybe some empty basketball club or go where there is no rush.

Skating in parks:

Street boarding is the most accessible place and just open your door and start skateboarding the accurate place or best way to learn to skateboard.

skateboarding parks near me

Many people asking for How to skateboard for beginners on rough ground. So, you will be learned about upcoming articles.

5 Best skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest

There are many easy and tough tricks. You are learning to skate properly when you know a few basic skate tricks.                                                                                            

The following guides will show you how to use the trick easily.

Are you seeking skateboard tricks list easiest to hardest? in addition, Some skateboard tricks names are below:

1. How to Ollie

Many curious people search this from the internet for the answer you will find how to Ollie skateboard? Moreover, Everyone is curious, and how to Ollie better? how to get better at skateboarding? andhow long does it take to ollie?

What is the easiest skateboard trick?

In these tutorials, you will learn the easiest trick on Ollie first you have to learn how to Ollie for beginners first you have to learn how to skateboard.


After that, Let’s move on to our topic of learn how to Ollie and how to Ollie step by step.

Is learning to ollie hard?

This is a technique and hard to learn at the beginning in which both the Ollie board and the rider jump from the ground and appear in the air. The rider will first stand on the deck to apply this trick.


“A skateboarder will stand on the board and kick the tail of the board from below and the skateboard will pop off the ground while jumping and sliding its front foot towards the front of the board.”


2. How to Nollie/Nose Ollie

This is also called Nose Ollie because Nollie uses the same rules as the regular ollie. learning nollie is easier than learning an ollie. The front foot is used to pop up the nose of the board instead of the back foot.

3. How to pop shuvit

Today I’m gonna teach you how to do the pop shuvit basically we’re here and back onto your board the board doesn’t want to eat basically all that you want to do fish.

Just suck up with your back foot front foot on the whole time and with your back foot that’s pretty much the concept of it so yeah and a little tip for when you’re doing the shove it skateboard have your toes just hanging up.


A day like this much maybe and that would really help you get the full rotation and not have a stop Midway not like full enough you know and another problem that some people have keeping too much from the board.

Just make sure the whole time that it stays cause would contact the board.

Therefore, The only that’s off the board is the back foot pretty much certainly yeah so let’s finish up the concept of it it’s a really easy trick but it looks really cool so I think it’s worth learning into the darkness they love fashion as you make.


4. Kick turn skateboard

You will learn how to do a kick turn lifting the nose of your board this is a very useful skill when speeding at speed in order to do a kick turn.

There are two steps to follow turning when stationary then turning when skating first turning when stationary on a gravel surface place your board on a gravel surface to hold it in place step onto your board and put your weight onto your back leg keeping it straight bend your front leg to raise the front of the board and pivot the board the movement.

It should come from your arms don’t let the nose lift up too far otherwise the tail will touch the ground it just means enough lift so that you’re balanced on the back wheels next how to turn when skating push off on your board.

So that you’re skating slowly shift your weight onto the tail of your board through your back foot and bend your front leg turn your heel inwards slightly use your shoulders to turn and follow the movement through with the front of your foot once.

You’ve done the kick turn skiing shift your weight once again by straightening your foot learning to turn is a crucial step when skating practice until you nail it every time over to you.

How to Turn Fast The Kickturn


5. How to Hardflip:

A hardflip is a combination between a frontside pop shove-it and a kickflip you might have guessed by the name hard flip but it’s a hard trick place your front foot in a kickflip position near the bolts of your front truck. You are in the main subheading of the main title of our site How to skateboard for beginners?

How to kickflip
image by |

Some people like to have the front flip more in the middle of the board you should try out a bit what works best for you your back foot should be placed in the front side pop shove it position with the ball of your foot a little bit further back on the outside of the tail.

Similar to a frontside pop shove-it push the tail forward when you pop to pull the toes of your front foot give the board its cape flip rotation different from a kickflip or you kick your front foot out over the corner of the nose for hard flips.

You kick your front foot more out sideways or behind you most important is to keep your legs up and out of the way to let the board flip and rotate and to pop and flick hard with both feet.

On the other hand, Some people like to do hard flips with more pressure where the board goes vertical and in between your legs and some like to do it more like a frontside pop shove-it and a kickflip with the board staying horizontal you.


How to hold a skateboard

 You must be info about how to hold, pick up and carry your skateboard, push the back of the board start lifting up as your front of the board, and lifting up it’s going to come into your hands.
How to hold a skateboard

What skateboards are good for beginners?

We have discussed briefly for Recommended skateboards for 8 year Old So, you can choose good skateboard for beginners.


skateboarding in the Olympics

I just found out that skateboarding is gonna be part of the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo at home now in hometown so that’s pretty cool it’d be actually pretty cool like by 2020.


I love skateboarding because I traveled and distanced with skateboarding just lets me like to be free and never. However, I have followed the above instructions and now I’m able to skate professionally.