A complete skateboard consists of three parts. Main Skateboard Parts names deck, truck, and wheels which has many subparts that perform their own functions. We will discuss one by one according to Safety Rules with preemptive measures and an equipment list.

Skateboard has different parts and its own design and functionality to ride on a skateboard. These are also the skateboard replacement parts that can be changed as needed These parts depend on the skateboard hardware size. List of parts with skateboard parts diagram you can see.

Main Skateboard Parts Names

What are all the parts of a skateboard?

The Essentials and Main Skateboard Parts names are below:

  1. Deck
    • Grip Tape
  2. Truck
    •  Baseplate
    •  Hanger
    •  King Pin
  3. Wheel
    • Bearing


The skate deck is the flat board that you stand on when the board. This is an essential part of the whole game. This is the part on which you stand and balance yourself on its surface and can apply different tips and tricks.

      Grip Tape:

The grip tape skateboard sticks to the top of the deck, creating more grape on top of the deck and therefore, allowing you to perform a variety of tricks.


               The skateboard truck is one of a pair of devices that are two metal trucks, which connect the wheels and bearings to the deck. There are further composed of two parts of a skateboard truck.

skateboard truck parts

  •  Baseplate:

The top part of the truck is screwed to the deck that houses the kingpin and pivot cup and is called the baseplate.

  •   King Pin:

The kingpin is a bolt that connects the hanger to the base plate.

  •   Hanger:

This is a T-shaped part that holds the axle and the pivot cup.

Wheels (skateboard wheels guide):

We have to determine first the wheels skateboard size to buy.

wheels are usually made of polyurethane. Available in different shapes and sizes according to different types of boards.

  • Bearing:skate-board bearing

                      This plays a vital role in moving skateboard Wheels more. However, A  wheel is mounted on its axle via two ball bearings.

 As we learned Skateboard tutorial for beginners so before learning let’s take a look at some important instructions:

Safety Rules For Skateboarding

If you want to play this action game properly as the game is played outdoors because there is a risk of injuries then some precautionary and safety measures must be taken before  skateboard size guide.

Skateboard Safety Statistics:

According to skateboard safety statistics in 2020, 70% of all injuries are to the extremities 10% are injuries to the ankles, 15% to the face other common injuries are long bone fractures most in under the age of 10-year kids.

What are the basic rules of skateboarding?

There are 5 basic rules before riding on a skateboard. It also depends on the board you are using while, the quality, the company, and the weight of the rider, and how tall you are. What is the condition of your board?

  1. Truck tightness:
  2. Find a smooth flat surface:
  3. Respect the culture, etiquette:
  4. Avoid crowded places:
  5. Learn how to fall without getting hurt:

1. Truck tightness:

There Must look before start the loose or tight trucks for beginners. Trucks attach the deck and wheels to your board. Stronger trucks are more stable, but this makes it harder to bend the board. Before starting, make sure how to tighten skateboard trucks.

2. Find a smooth flat surface:

skateboard smooth surface

To play this action game, if you are a beginner, you must determine to play on a smooth level surface so that you can learn efficiently.

3. Respect the culture, etiquette:

Every game has some basic rules, etiquette, and ethics. You must first take special care of your environment and culture so that the people around you are not disturbed by you.

4. Avoid crowded places:

By the way, any action game can be played anywhere but always choose a place where there is less traffic and try not to rush to the place where you are skate riding.

5. Learn how to fall without getting hurt:


When riding a skate and you feel you are about to fall, go to the yard or see a soft land and fall forward and jump off the surface of the board and roll.

Is skateboarding dangerous for kids?

“Skateboarding is a little bit dangerous sport and there is less risk of serious skateboarding injuries. The question in mind why is skateboarding dangerous? Precautions should be taken to avoid further injuries and the sport should be limited to skateboarding parks.”

7  Main List of protective equipment for skateboarding

Of course, when you hear the name skateboard, you will have to think about which material it is made of and what equipment is required for it. No sport is complete without proper equipment.

List of protective equipment for skateboarding

These are available in many stores, you can now search by skateboarding stores near me.

  1. Skateboard

It is an essential part of the sport without which you cannot play, however, it has the various parts mentioned above.

  1. Get proper shoes

shoe wear for skateboard

Shoes are considered an essential part of any sport. Therefore, You can’t play well without them. You can use different shoes for skateboarding which will be mentioned in the upcoming articles.

  1. Wearing runner socks


Socks are very important in any sport. Without this, your feet are at risk of slipping and you may not feel comfortable.

  1. wear protective gear

Many people ask how to put on protective gear so before you go out skating one of the most important things is to have protective gear


Knee pads elbow pads and risk parts and the great thing is rollerblade makes a variety to suit your personal style different helmets they have adult protective gear, children’s protective gear but you need to make sure it’s sized properly.

There are different sizes and know your sizing so you can buy the right parts to fit you so just remember to skate smart know your skill level know your skinny conditions and know that you’re always safe for wearing full protective gear.

  1. Helmets:

It is very important to use a helmet for skateboarding which protects and safe the rider from the head injury.


  1. Knee and  Elbow Guards and sizes:

There are three basic things that you always want to keep in mind when sizing for your pads our first thing to remember is that pad sizing will almost always correlate with your actual clothing size so for instance.

knee guard skateboardelbow-gurad-skateboard

if you are going to be wearing a large shirt you’re generally going to be wearing a large elbow pad and if you’re wearing say for instance small pants you’re going to usually be getting small knee pads so it’s always the first thing to remember when purchasing them by size the second thing that you want to remember is that sizing will differ between brands.

So if you are currently wearing a small size of one brand doesn’t assume that you’ll be getting a small of the other brand you always want to be referencing the specific brand’s manufacturer sizing charts.

  1. Wrist Guards

The wrist guard is very important for skating.

wrist guards on hand

It protects the rider from injury and the rider feels comfortable and enjoys the action sport.