If you’re trying to find a board for your children within a reasonable price range, then Rimable may be a good option. We are already discussed about Rimable skateboard penny board. Here I will explain briefly the best Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review.

Kids of any age and skill level car ride this board is the best skateboard for beginners.
It has different eye-catchy design options and provides great value for the cashI even have also reviewed another good cheap skateboard that gives good value for the cash this is the Best street skaters of all time.

Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review 2021
Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review

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  • Eye-catchy design options
  • Light up wheels are awesome
  • The textured deck provides good traction
  • Made from heavy material
  • Good gift for a beginners
  • Smooth wheelbase
  • Wheels may easily get loose
  • You may need to adjust the truck


Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review


rimable trucks best


The deck is 22 inches long and 6 inches in breadth. The deck shape is pretty attractive and has enough grip.
As the deck is sturdy and versatile, you don’t need to worry about snapping. The weight limit is 198 lbs (90 Kgs).


Rimable skateboard is provided with soft PU wheels. The wheel diameter is 59mm and therefore the durometer is 78A.

The wheels are thick which allows you for a smooth and quiet ride. you’ll surely just like the light-up feature of the wheel. The wheels may easily get loose, though.


The board comes with top quality ABEC 7 bearings. There are both positive and negative reviews of users about the standard of the bearing.



Size & Weight

The rimable skateboard weighs only 4 lbs. The board is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide.The board would are quite suitable for adult riders if the deck width were between 22 to 27 inches.

The board may be a good selection for teenagers and teenagers but not suitable for adults due to the smaller size.


RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard has the dimension of  22″ Long x 6″ Wide.

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Final Verdict

Should We Buy Rimable Skateboard?

The rimable penny board for youngsters of all ages and skill levels. Rimable 22 inch skateboard is the greatest skateboard of all time.
If you’re trying to find such a board that won’t hurt your pocket, then rimable board is for you. The board is basically durable and you’ll choose between a spread of cool designs.
After reading this Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review, I hope you’re now ready to decide if you ought to pip out or not.