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We’ve all heard about the negative effects that scooters can have on urban environments.There are several things in our mind why do skateboarders hate scooters?

They are used for both recreation and for transportation , but are they really good for the city? For a couple of years now, scooters have been a huge problem in skateparks and cities such as Toronto and San Francisco.

The reason they’re so popular is because they offer an easy way to get around town; but they’re also not healthy.

Recently, a number of professional skateboarders have been filmed knocking out people riding scooters including a man in a wheelchair.

This has led to these people being called bullies and many are looking for ways to stop these people. This blog will look at how and why these skateboarders are doing this and whether it is right.

Skaters vs Scooters

Skaters hate scooters because they slow down skateboarding. It makes the sport less exciting. Skateboarders hate scooters because they’re dangerous on the road. Scooters are unregulated and have no safety standards. They have no brakes and can cause serious injuries to people in cars and pedestrians.

The scooter is a type of transportation that has two small wheels and a footboard. The rider stands on the board with one foot and pushes off with the other.

Scooters are relatively new to the market, but they’re quickly becoming very popular among kids and adults alike. They look like a bicycle with a seat and handlebars, but instead of pedaling you push off with your foot or kick off from your toes to move it forward.

Scooters vs Skateboarders

Skateboarders and scooter riders have had a love-hate relationship ever since the latter became popular. While some skateboarders might give their reasons why they think scooters are not a worthy vehicle to ride, others might have their reasons to defend the usefulness of scooters.

Scooter riders are usually kids

Kids have always been a scourge on society. They’re noisy, they get in the way, and worst of all they’re always touching things they shouldn’t be.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the latest plague to descend on our cities are scooters.

Riding a scooter is a childhood rite of passage. For many kids, it’s the first time they’re able to travel without assistance from an adult. And it’s a thrill to zip around on two wheels.

In some parts of the world, like Europe, scooters are a common mode of transportation for adults. But in the United States, scooters are mostly associated with kids.

Scooter riders use too much wax

When it comes to their scooters, many riders take their love too far. Riders have been caught using household waxes and polishes to give their scooters that “new” look.

Not only is this practice dangerous, as the wax can get into the brakes and wheels, but it’s also prohibited on public roads and paths.

Police are warning riders that they will start handing out fines of $500 to anyone caught using wax or polish on their scooter.

Is Riding a scooter is easy?

Yes, riding a scooter is very easy. And if you can ride a bicycle, then you can ride a scooter as well. Riding a scooter takes time to master. But once you master it, you will ride it with so much ease.

It may appear intimidating at first, but as you start riding, you will love the feeling you get. You will not wonder if you can master it or not, you will simply do it.

First and foremost, you need to understand the basics of a scooter. Scooters have a smaller wheel than bikes, a position higher off the ground, and tires that are smaller and more narrow, relative to the wheel size.

What is A Scooter and Why do Skateboarders Hate Them?

Skateboarders have a long-standing hatred for scooters. This is because they see them as a threat to their livelihood. Scooters are seen as an easy way to get around without any consideration for the environment, pedestrians, or other people on the road.

Skateboarders have been fighting against the use of scooters on skateboard parks for years. There are a few reasons why they hate them.

1) Scooters are not as fun to ride as skateboards. They don’t provide the same thrill and freedom that you get from riding a skateboard.

2)They are not as easy to control or maneuver in tight spaces. Scooters are designed for going long distances, not for doing tricks with your friends in a skate park.

3) most importantly, scooters pose a safety risk to pedestrians and other people on the street. They can be difficult to see when they’re zipping by at high speeds and they don’t have brakes like bikes do.

Is the Scooter a Good Alternative to a Skateboard or Long Board?

Skateboards are more stable and easier to control, but they require more skill. The same can be said for long boards.

A scooters is easier to learn because the rider just needs to balance on two wheels and steer the board with their feet. It’s also easier to carry around since they fold up in less space than a skateboard or long board.

However, once you get past the learning curve, skateboards and long boards are faster and more maneuverable than scooters.

How skaters treat scooters in park?

How skaters treat scooters in park

Skaters have a reputation for being disrespectful to the skateparks, which is not always deserved.

There are many types of skaters that are known for being disrespectful to the skateparks, but this is not always deserved. Skaters are often thought of as reckless and careless, when in reality they’re just having fun.

What things skaters hate with scooters?

The scooter is a relatively new invention, but it has already become a popular mode of transportation for people of all ages. It is a great way to get around and explore the city, but it does come with some annoyances.

Skaters are not fans of scooters because they are loud and can be dangerous when used by inexperienced riders. Skaters also have to worry about the scooters being left on sidewalks or in front of their favorite skate spot.

Why scooters should be banned from skateparks?

There are several reasons why scooters should be banned from skateparks. First of all, they are dangerous.

The main cause of the most serious accidents in the skatepark is a scooter. Their wheels are small so they can go through the obstacles quicker than a big skateboard. They often hit the skaters or fall on top of them.

This can cause serious accidents and injuries. Secondly, they are loud. Scooters are louder than skateboards, as they have no wheels. A skatepark is a public place, so they are not allowed to make loud noises. Skateparks are also a place of relaxation, but the scooter riders disturb skaters and make the place noisy.

10 Reasons Why Skateboarders Are The Worst

Skateboarders have a lot of reasons to hate scooters, but even skaters have to admit that not all of them are fair.Following we will explain  that How skaters treat scooters?

scooter vs skaters

The truth is that skateboarders have some pretty legitimate beef with scooters because they are often used by beginners and people who aren’t good at skateboarding, but don’t want to fall on their butts while trying it out.

Whether you’re actually a scooter rider or not, you’ll get why skateboarders hate scooters after reading this list of 10 reasons why skaters hate scooters so much…

There are many reasons why skateboarders don’t like scooters, but here are some of the most common ones:

1) They don’t respect traffic rules

2) Skaters cut in line

3) Riders are impatient, edgy, and belligerent

4) Scooter riders are trying too hard to fit in

5) Scooters ruin skate spots

6) A scooter ain’t a skateboard

7) They think they own the sidewalk

8) They’re dangerously unaware of their surroundings

9) It’s rude to our sport’s history

10) Yup, still true


3 Ways to Make Skateboarding Safer

  •  Don’t ride on sidewalks

When you skateboard, you put yourself at risk of being hit by cars or other vehicles. Skateboarding on the sidewalk is one of the most common ways for accidents to happen.  Don’t ride your skateboard on the sidewalk.

  • Follow the rules of the road

You can avoid accidents and make your skateboarding experience better if you follow the rules of the road.There are also safety tips from experts in magazines and even from skateboarding companies.

  • Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important ways to make skateboarding safer. It protects your head in case you fall or crash into something.



Skaters and scooter riders are both out enjoying the weather, and sometimes there is a conflict .You’ve probably seen them—skaters whizzing by you in the street, and scooter riders zipping around the sidewalks.

If you read above blog , you may have thought “scooters are better than skates because they’re faster.” The truth is, they’re both fast! Scooters are a great alternative to skateboards and are easy to learn.